Noxguard Marine DEF AUS-40

We have a great commitment to reduce the pollutants emitted by diesel combustion engines. Because of this, we are manufacturing diesel exhaust fluid, but this time for marine purposes also known as AUS-40 by the API Institute. We offer this product under the API Certification Program of which Transliquid Technologies LLC. is a part of, having a guarantee of quality in our manufacturing and delivery process. Furthermore, we follow the emission standards of the IMO (International Maritime Organization), following the most stringent conditions set by this Organization.

Noxguard Marine DEF or AUS-40, Noxguard is compliant with

  • 40% Urea Density
  • ISO 18611
  • IMO Tiers II & III
  • API Certification
  • North American & Caribean ECA

We provide a full product delivery on ships inside Houston Seaport Area

  • Dedicated DEF Tanker Trucks Fleet
  • All The Equipment Needed To Dispatch DEF
  • Advisory on known DEF issues
  • Flexible Schedules
  • Licenses for This Particular Activity on seaports

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