DEF Dolly System

Ideal for transferring DEF when portability is desired, the Dolly system is one of the most popular bulk transfer systems available.


  • Up to 30 GPM
  • Stainless steel self- priming pump
  • 115v AC, single phase electric motor
  • 12v available system
  • Closed loop micro-matic connections
  • Heavy duty hand truck for ultimate durability and mobility
  • Weights and measures metering available
  • Inventory management upgrade available
  • Cam-lock fittings available
If needed, we can set a whole sistem like this one, on a skid. We have the ability to fulfill any DEF issue that your company have, since our commitment with custom solutions is part of our core services.
  • DD45
  • DEF-Distributor70-White-Background
  • Dolly System Pump Detail
  • Dolly System Right View Detail
  • Dolly System Right View
  • Dolly System Valve