4-step guide for keeping your DEF Dolly running great

I recalled a couple months ago, one of our customers came in with a Diesel Exhaust Fluid transfer Dolly that was not working. The Dolly was not broken, it just had not been maintained andDEF Dolly cared for properly.  It seems the customer was not using the machine correctly and or giving it the necessary maintenance; therefore it had started to malfunction.  It is important to take good care of any equipment that has various parts to it; a problem with one piece could make the whole system useless. If you follow this simple 4-part guide, keeping your Diesel Exhaust Fluid Dolly running smoothly will be stress free.Keep in mind the Dolly comes with a 1-year manufacturer warrantee.

Step 1: Maintenance of the pump parts.

Every three months rinse the pump with Deionized water. Deionized water is water that has had almost its entire mineral ions removed, producing high purity water; which is perfect for rinsing.Dolly pump

Step 2: Maintenance of the closed loop system.

The closed loop systems controls and manages purity throughout the supply chain to ensure the product does not get compromised. Because of this it is important to also rinse the closed loop system parts with Deionized water. 

Step 3: Maintenance of Exterior moving parts.

It is important to inspect all exterior moving parts every month or so, for any part that might be loose or damaged. If you are giving the Dolly a lot of use, some of its parts might have seen better days, checking for any broken or loose parts could save a headache in the future. Take a good look at your wheels; inflatable Dolly tires can get punctured. It might be better to go with solid tires as an upgrade if you will be using the Dolly in extreme terrain.  

Step 4: Hoses

Never attempt to disconnect hoses, doing so might cause damage to the sealants. It is recommended to roll hoses properly to prevent any accidental damage.

 If you only take away one piece of advice out of this blog, remember this; keep your Dolly clean and try not to hit it. Taking good care of it will make a difference it the life of Dolly parts. 

New Dallas – Ft. Worth NOXGUARD DEF Blending site


NOXGUARDS’ new blending facility is now open and blending. We are very happy to welcome Double C Oil to our group of NOXGUARD blenders. For those who do not already know, Transliquid Technologies has partnered up with different companies in North and South America, to form the group of NOXGUARD blenders. NOXGUARD currently has three blenders, with locations in Houston, Bogota and now Dallas – Ft. Worth area.   

Double C Oil is a third generation family owned business, operating since 1976. They have always been located in Carrollton, TX a suburb in the Dallas- Ft. Worth metro. They have been steadily growing over the past 38 years, and are looking toward the future in DEF production and sales.

The new blending facility will be housed in their 50,000 square foot facility, where they have the capability to supply Diesel Exhaust Fluid for bulk, tote, drum and jug orders. 

As always, NOXGUARDS’ new blending facility will be producing API Certified Diesel Exhaust Fluid, providing each and every one of our customers with the highest quality DEF and customer service.


If you are a distributor in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area and would like to get a quote for Diesel Exhaust Fluid, please call Double C at (972) 247- 1855

Ultimate guide to Fluid Management Systems

Due to numerous inventory management questions and concerns with improper tracking and loss of products, we decided to provide our beloved readers with some valuable information about the subject matter.

Fluid management systems can help prevent inventory losses, while simultaneously facilitating every transaction. I have chosen two different brands and four different products to compare and highlight the specifics of each one in our blog.

MC BoxFirst we have Piusi’s MC Box, at the lowest price point it is avery complete system. The unit can store up to 120 users with a code set up for each user. The MC Box is meant to manage one fluid; therefore it is designed for one hose attachment. It is compatible with any fluid type, and the corresponding pulse meter and pump must be added according to the specific type of fluid. The MC Box comes in two formats, either 120 V or 12 DC, so it is very versatile for the different needs of each user.

Aside from the MC Box itself, there are different upgrade kits that can be added to enhance it performance, depending on what is needed.  The PC interface Kit comes with 1 USB converter and 1 CD with the PC Software.  The USB converter is used transfer the data from the MC Box to the computer, and the software it’s Piusi’s software, which is needed to keep track of the information stored by the MC Box. If buying the MC Box, this kit will be needed if you would like to download the User History to your computer. Next we have the Key Kit, it comes with 1 USB, 1 manager key, 10 user keys, 1 key reader and the PC Software.  It is called the Key Kit for a reason right? The keys are an alternative to using Pin Numbers, which some might prefer.  The 10 keys can be given to the most frequent users or used at the owners’ discretion.  Last, we have the Wi-Fi Kit, with 1 Wi-Fi Box, Wi-Fi transmitter and PC Software. This kit would be important for anyone who prefers a wireless system.  

It is important to note that the Piusi software can manage up to 16 MC Boxes. This is significant because even though each MC Box can only track one type of liquid, the software can manage more. This might be useful if you are a growing company and might be adding different types of fluids, for each type of fluid a separate MC Box would be needed, along with a separate pump and pulse meter.

Overall it is a very complete system, it can be adapted to fit your specific requirements and those of your customers. It is affordable and a great unit to start out with.  Depending on your use, the MC Box might be all you ever need.

If you demand a system that will allow increased user and transaction capabilities, the Wonderbox system will provide many benefits. The Wonderbox can track up to 2000 users, and store up to 10,000 transactions for later transfer. Just like the MC Box, its featured for a single hose fueling point that can handle any fluid with its proper pulse meter and pump. The Wonderbox is user friendly, with USB, LAN and WIFI capabilities. 

Wonderbox WifiThe Wonderbox has a very simple operation, their computer software is easy to follow and it comes included with the system. Drivers can be given a standard PIN code or a key fob, and can be identified by user ID, vehicle ID, and odometer and time frame intervals.

Wrapping up, it is easy to say the Wonderbox is customizable and extensive when it comes to features and flexibility. The Wonderbox is great for medium sized operations, needing to manage 1 fluid but with many users and vehicles.

An upgrade to the Wonderbox is its big brother the Superbox.  The Superbox can handle up to 5 fueling points, which is a great improvement to the already versatile and compact Wonderbox. The computer software is the same as well as all the available features.

The key to the Superbox is, a one-box setup for up to 5 fluids; so instead of having to buy multiple boxes, the Superbox can handle several fluids and have all the information go into one place.  Not only does this mean less work, but also an improved organized structure.  Just like the Wonderbox, it can handle any fluid with its proper pulse meter and it is printer receipt capable and can track current tank levels as an additional feature.

Next in line we have the HDM Eco, available for either Diesel or Diesel Exhaust Fluid. The HDM Eco is kind of a big deal, for those looking for a complete system, it includes everything you will need to set up and start your station. Not only does it save time, headaches and installation costs, this piece of equipment is easy to use, effective, and very nice to look at!HDM Eco DEF

The HDM Eco comes with a Wonderbox management system, a German Hornet pump, nozzle, pulse meter and a cast aluminum housing structure. It operates at 22 GPM in the Diesel model and up to 15 GPM in the DEF model.  It is extremely easy to set up; you will need a standard 120V line to power it up, and a suction line to the product. Once the unit is live, then it needs to be programmed with the uploading drivers, vehicles, etc. just like the Wonderbox and Superbox systems. It does not work with WIFI yet, but we are hoping that feature will be available soon.  Overall this unit would be great for a retail station, or for someone looking to get an all in one package.

As always Transliquid Technologies is here to keep you informed in order to make the best buying decisions. If you have any questions in regards to the equipment mentioned please post a comment, or give us a call.


Quick Solution to DEF & Diesel Contamination

Fuel Defend DEF locking cap resized 600

I have recently come across a product that can fix the problem of accidental or intentional contamination between DEF and Diesel. This has become a very costly problem for fleets, and a solution is greatly needed. Mixing even a small amount of DEF and Diesel can cause a great deal of problems; we have heard countless horror stories from people who have made this mistake. Click here to read more about What happens if you put Diesel Exhaust Fluid in your Diesel tank. FuelDefend created a special locking blue DEF tank cap, which seems to be a quick solution.

While the problem goes both ways for each of the DEF and the Diesel tanks, this blue locking DEF cap will help remind users which liquid to fill, helping many from accidentally filling it with diesel, especially those who are not familiar with DEF. The lock serves to protect it from any intentional contamination and as an extra step before fueling, therefore forcing the user to read more carefully.FuelDefends locking DEF tank cap is non-corrodible, features Zamac coated locks and are available in two styles that fit Peterbuilt, Kenworth, Freightliner, Western Star and Navistar. According to their website they also have two other models coming soon that will fit Volvo, Mack, Hino and Isuzu.

I have not come across any company that is using these as a preventative measure. I would like to hear from anyone that has bought these, as well as your opinions and comments.

Back to basics: On site dispensing transfer system

On site dispensing transfer systemI would like to present one of our most fundamental pieces of equipment, THE DOLLY, otherwise known as the Diesel Exhaust Fluid On site dispensing transfer system.  It consists of:

  • A stainless Steel Gorman- Rupp pump
  • 50 Ft. Electrical cord reel
  • Easy on/off switch
  • Closed Loop micro-matic connections
  • 12.5 Ft. Hose with 1 ½ inch micro-matic fittings for suction
  • 25 ‘ of 1’’ DEF hose for discharge
  • ¾ inch Digital meter
  • 1000 lb. capacity hand truck

The “Dolly” was created in order to facilitate bulk dispensing for Diesel Exhaust Fluid.


What can I use it for?


This Diesel Exhaust Fluid Transfer system is designed for those who need to dispense product at a high GPM rate from tote to toe, Bulk to Tote and Bulk dispensing.


What GPM can I expect?


You can expect to get up to 25 GPM


How will a dispensing transfer system help me?


Like I mentioned before the system is designed for those companies that need to dispense product at a high GPM. The stainless steel Gorman – Rupp pump will make administration a much faster process, which can be key for serving as many clients as possible.

  • The “Dolly” is inexpensive when compared to other types of transfer systems
  • It is portable and easy to maneuver
  • It’s upgradable

When looking at all the options, keep in mind how one of these could help your current situation. It might be your best bet.


What other options are available?


The best part of the system is it can be modified and upgraded. The upgrades can increase flow up to 40 GPM’s!

  • 2’’ Banjo Photocell Digital Meter
  • 25’ DEF Dispense Hose upgrade to 1.5’’
  • 2/SS Cam-Lock Connections (Suction & Dispense end)

Other highlights to note:

  • Quick connects to your bulk tanks and quick connects on dispensing and suction side
  • Weights and measures meter available
  • DC 12v Motor available



The On site dispensing transfer system is a great piece of equipment created for DEF distributors and their specific needs. I will be doing a series of  “Back to Basics” blogs to highlight some important pieces of equipment.


dolly quote

Why you need mobile advertising

The new year brings a desire in people to change, new years resolutions create our path for the coming year, and whether or not we actually follow through with our resolutions, these changes usually outline how we can be better. 

I would like to share with you one of my new years resolutions (at work) with some data that might inspire others as well.

Increasing our mobile advertising has become one of my top priorities for this year. In my opinion it’s very important for all companies to evaluate their current exposure, and determine what improvements can be accomplished.


Why mobile advertising?why you need mobile advertising


It is no secret mobile advertising has shown positive results to those who have boarded the train. Even though many think that it is not a needed strategy, they couldn’t be more wrong.  Mobile advertising in the U.S has increased from $1.2 billion in the first 6 months of 2012 to $3 billion in the first 6 months of 2013. It is also predicted global mobile ad spending to reach $ 33.1 billion by 2015, according to Mashable.  For more data and information on the relation between mobile and social marketing head over to Mashable.


So no matter what type of business or organization you are running, it is very important to be
presented in the mobile world. According to research done by the Pew Research Center’s Internet
and American Life Project, and published in 2013 by Lee Rainie, 56% of American adults have smartphones. They also reported more and more people use their phones while they shop to compare prices and check reviews. It only makes sense to have some sort of mobile marketing to target that audience, because who isn’t using mobile devices now days. 


I hope I provided some valuable information to encourage all of you to go out and expand you current advertisement infrastructure.  As for us here at Transliquid, you will be seeing a lot more of us, on your phones, tables and computers. 

What does everyone else think about going mobile? What are some strategies?


For more information on the research behind the data please visit Pewresearch

photo credit: DaveLawler via photopin cc

Diesel Exhaust Fluid in cold temperatures

It may not be officially winter, but in most parts of the country the temperatures have been dropping enough to make us think twice before getting out of bed in the morning. While the colder temperatures bring in some changes in our activities and daily rutines, such as higher consumption of hot beverages and lower amount of time spend at pool parties (I would hope), there is no need to worry much about the Diesel Exhaust Fluid in your engine. 

It is important however to know the facts about DEF, and don’t worry soon enough you will be an expert, and there won’t even be a need to think twice about it.Keep on reading for the tips and facts.

DEF in snow


  • DEF will begin to freeze at 12°F (-11°C) 
  • Both the Urea and the Water will begin to freeze at the same rate
  • Unthawing will not cause harm to the product
  • SCR systems are designed to provide heating for the DEF tank & supply lines
  • If DEF freezes while the vehicle is shut down, start up and normal operation will not be inhibited
  • DEF should be stored inside if possible when temperatures go below 12°F
  • Heating wraps are available for larger containers such as Totes and Drums
  • The same goes for any supply lines, insulation is available as well as heating 
  • Insulated Tanks with heating are also available if needed
As fall ends and winter starts, fear no cold weather. Always remember to keep you DEF tanks full, and never add anything other than DEF to the DEF tank. 
Planning ahead is always smart, and investing in the correct equipment will save you time and money.
Fore more information on insulated tanks, mini bulk systems, or heating wraps let us know!  


NOXGUARD Diesel Exhaust Fluid plant in Bogotá, Colombia NOW OPEN

We are happy to announce NOXGUARD will be opening their doors in Bogotá Colombia. It has been in the works for a couple of months now, but we can now say it is official!

Hidrotecnik plant. Bogota, Colombia

Our partners:

Hidrotecnik,NOXGUARD Colombia


Hidrotecnik is a well established company located in the outskirts of Colombia’s capital city, Bogotá. They are experts in water production, dealing with different technologies including filtration, micro filtration, ultra-filtration, mono-filtration, and electrodeionization. Hidrotecnik offers technical support and maintenance to their existing customers, and will be equipped to provide DEF customers with services and solutions not available before. With their background in water, and strategic location, it only makes sense together we will be able to serve existing and new Diesel Exhaust fluid clients.

With the fast growing need for Diesel Exhaust Fluid in Colombia, it is the perfect time to enter the market. Having a reliable partner is a very important asset, which will be demonstrated through reliable and ontime deliveries. We are very exicted to be expanding while forming new partnerships, it has always been our goal to develop our brand internationally. While the demand for DEF has been growing througout the world, it is an honor to be able to work with smaller markets who refuse to be left behind. Our priorities include supporting Hidrotecnik in order to help them grow, and create an efficient and solid supply chain. 

Stay posted for more thrilling details and pictures of the new plant!

Diesel Exhaust Fluid heading South

DEF globe

We have previously covered that DEF was first introduced in Europe and later came to the US in 2010. But what many would like to know is where in the world is it going? Diesel Exhaust Fluid, DEF, Blue DEF, AdBlue, has many names depending on each country, but it is all the same product with the same specifications. Diesel Exhaust Fluid moves throught the world with technology and environmental regulations ( Politics always play a big part). For many countries the trucking industry pulls DEF into their territory in the form of brand new vehicles that already come incorporated with the SCR system. The movement for change starts, which in turn creates the need for related industries such as diesel exhaust fluid pumps, DEF totes, diesel exhaust fluid tanks, etc. I’m mostly interested in two specific countries in South America as of now, that are interested in doing business with US companies. 
South America
Brazil-  Leading in South America when it comes to Diesel Exhaust Fluid, the government passed the law in 2012 making it obligatory to use the fluid in order to reduce emissions. There have been manufacturers in business since 2011, with the market growing fast Brazil is expected to be the fifth in the truck industry in just three years. 
Colombia-  Heading into the DEF fluid market, Colombia is starting to make some progress in the area of low sulfur diesel, which is needed in trucks that have scr systems and use diesel exhaust fluid. Currently the majority of mass transportation vehicles are manufactured in Europe, and come with the scr system ready to be used with DEF fluid. These newer vehicles have created a demand for diesel exhaust fluid manufacturers and in the near future Diesel Exhaust Fluid distributors.
Demand for finished product as well as Environmental grade Urea, is growing exponentially in South America, manufacturers as well as distributors are currently searching abroad to meet their needs. Flexitanks can be a great option for those looking to export bulk loads of DEF fluid in a 20 foot container. 275 gallon IBC totes are also a viable way to export DEF fluid in a 20 foot container. Whatever the packaged option may be, and no matter where it is going, Diesel Exhaust Fluid is expanding in demand, exploring new teritories and brining related products industries along for the ride!
Transliquid Technologies is currently working with South American companies who are interested in manufacturing their own Diesel Exhaust Fluid as well as becoming distributors of their region. For more information on this subject contact our team!

Diesel Exhaust Fluid purity

Some of you have been asking about the importance of clean Diesel Exhaust Fluid.

It is very important to maintain the quality of Diesel Exhaust Fluid in all of its stages. As a DEF manufacturer we have very high quality control standards. It is our top priority to produce the highest quality of DEF. Our Diesel Exhaust Fluid is API Certified which means it meets all the quality requirements. 

When it comes to DEF distributors, our goal is for them to conserve the same quality that is enforced at our plant. Buying the correct equipment and learning the precise use for it is key when distributing the product. End users must also be aware of how to properly use the product as well as how to prolong its integrity. 

I would like to show you some do’s and don’t of using and handling Diesel Exhaust Fluid, by remembering some of these tips, you will be able to avoid many issues. 


Do not do with Jug DEF Jug with nozzle

  • Don’t use funnels or tubes that have been used with other liquids. Use the plastic nozzel provided with the DEF Jug. 

Do not refill DEF Jugs Do not refill DEF Jug resized 600

  • Don’t refill empty jugs, do not break seals on totes. Jugs must be discard after use.

 Diesel Exhaust Fluid do not break seal resized 600  Seal on DEF Tote

  • Don’t break any of the seals that come with the totes, this will compromise the integrity of the product. 

DEF do not do resized 600 

  • Don’t insert any foreign objects into the totes. Totes come with a closed loop system designed to work with a pump. 
  • Don’t add DEF to diesel tank. * DEF IS NOT A FUEL ADDITIVE *
If you have any questions in regards to the proper use of DEF and maintenance of all DEF storage equipment units, please contact us or comment on this post, we are always happy to answer any questions.